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Leslie M. Hattemer Scholarship Fund

Announcing the Leslie M. Hattemer Scholarship Fund to support 1MPACT House at University of Cincinnati

Strong, Inspiring, Fearless, Mama Bear, Advocate, Champion, Loyal Friend, Remarkable…all words used to describe Leslie throughout countless social media posts during the difficult months following the sudden cardiac event on August 1, 2021 that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. These words and shared memories have motivated us all to believe in the power of family, friends, prayer and positive thoughts. We are forever thankful and grateful for this community that Leslie has created. This community has pulled her through and has held us all together through the darkest of hours. She is still healing, but her heart is strong and the love that surrounds her is real and unyielding.

One message that was especially evident and consistent was from former students reaching out to say what an impact she has made in their lives. Throughout Leslie’s 28 + year career with Cincinnati Public Schools, her passion has been working with at-risk homeless youth. She has been a staunch advocate for altering their paths through further education often achieved through first-generation college programs. Working with CPS and finding a connection to assist these first-generation kids she has been so dedicated in helping, she formed a strong connection with the University of Cincinnati 1MPACT HOUSE. 1MPACT House is a living-learning center that houses two groups of first-generation students: Gen-1 Scholars and 1MPACT House Scholars.

Leslie says, “Strategically, we have had a lot of students be successful the first year, but then it runs out the second year because they don’t have the funds or resources to help them. 1MPACT House has found a way to cross that bridge and make them successful through graduation and beyond. That is what sets them apart from other first-generation college programs.”

Over the years, Leslie has assisted over 40 young adults with placement in the University of Cincinnati Gen-1 1MPACT House program. Many of these students have not only graduated from college, but have also pursued higher education through graduate programs and beyond.

Leslie’s wish has always been to take her advocacy for first-generation college students to the next level. Her support for these students has been vocal and ongoing. This has inspired her family to start the Leslie M. Hattemer Scholarship Fund to support University of Cincinnati 1MPACT House. Through this foundation, Cincinnati Public School students will be awarded need based scholarships to help offset the cost of living on campus. This fund will also provide support and services to ensure a consistent college experience throughout the duration of their undergraduate years.

Donations can be made via the on-line link https://foundation.uc.edu/Hattemer

Checks can be mailed to :
The University of Cincinnati Foundation
PO Box 19970
Cincinnati, OH 45219-0970

Please include Leslie M. Hattemer Foundation on the memo line of the check

For more information on 1MACT House click here: